The firm has a technical assistance, organization and training department led by a training specialist. This department is involved in the areas of project analysis and management, organizational and institutional auditing and human resources management. The different sectors of intervention are:

this section deals with the development and analysis of projects. It is she who is responsible within the firm to provide institutional and organizational support to the SME-SMI within the framework of the management of construction projects: organization, resources (quality, quantity, etc.), plan of treasury and project management, etc. It also covers the following activities:  Feasibility study;
 Project audit;
 Structural and organizational analysis;
 Identification of resources and support for the implementation of projects;
 Technical assistance in setting up real estate projects;
 Assistance in defining needs and planning investments.
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This section is specialized in the functional and institutional analysis of institutions and organizations. If necessary, it works in collaboration with an external accounting firm within the framework of financial and technical evaluation studies, analysis of management procedures and risk assessment. It supports the design of a management tool (development of management application) and also the determination of the logistical means (IT tools: hard and soft) necessary for the proper functioning of the structure. It intervenes within the framework of:  Functional audit;
 Analysis and review of management procedures;
 Institutional support;
 Analysis of needs;
 Function analysis and definition of resource profiles;
 Tailor-made training program.
Training modules have been designed by our experts in the field of energy management, project management and municipal management; and have already been dispensed on many occasions. Other modules can be tailor-made according to customer needs. The main topics currently covered are:  Training in energy management techniques;
 Training in asset management and maintenance;
 Training in project management and control;
 Training of municipal technical managers in the development and project management.