Placed under the direction of the Deputy Director General, Mr. NINTIN N'TAYE Jean-Paul, ENGINEER of Public Works (Graduate of the ENSTP of YAMOUSSOUKRO), this Department is made up of five services which are:

This Department carries out civil engineering studies (roads, VRD engineering structures, etc.).

Given the increasingly increasing demands in the field, this service has just been reinforced by a public works engineer specializing in VRD studies, urban and health infrastructure planning.
This department carries out rural engineering studies (technical and economic feasibility studies, development of rice-growing lowlands, study of rehabilitation and construction of irrigated areas, studies of water mobilization works, etc.).
This service carries out building studies (new construction and rehabilitation) for school, health, office, residential, industrial, etc. use. These studies cover all the technical bodies; this service is placed under the technical supervision of the head of department having for the accomplishment of his task the support of three designers (a designer concrete designer, a designer designer VRD, a designer designer, electricity, plumbing and air conditioning) and a senior technician .
This department is headed by engineers specializing in Environmental Sciences and Management. The Environment department is responsible for carrying out environmental impact studies of development and waste management projects. It is also responsible for environmental and related audit activities. Environmental experts are assisted in their tasks by senior technicians for surveys, data collection, GIS production, etc.
This service is jointly run by the head of the department and the Technical Director; both with varying degrees of expertise in energy and water issues, with the support of the head of the Environment and Urban Planning department. He is responsible for studies in energy savings in buildings and industries, studies of water and energy equipment, studies of electrification programs, etc.